Orofacial Pain and Bite Analysis

Dr. Mazzella dedicates himself to the study and treatment of occlusion, which is the way your teeth bite and fit together. As a graduate of the Dawson Academy, he is trained in the concept of complete dentistry. This prioritizes understanding the function and structure of biting and chewing, both to maintain a balanced bite as well as correcting an unbalanced one.

Depending on the treatment needs, Dr. Mazzella may recommend taking advanced records of your mouth which he can use to create a measured treatment plan. These records include a series of photographs, impressions, a questionnaire, and measurements; replicating your mouth and jaw in relation so he can make the best-informed recommendations and options for your case.

Another measurement and treatment that can reduce jaw pain and tooth wear is an occlusal adjustment, where Dr. Mazzella will use a wand-like tool with an arched paper that reads how your teeth hit when they bite and grind together. He can then make recommendations for smoothing out high points in the bite, which is often a less invasive treatment than other kinds of restorations, and can slow down or prevent breaks and wear.

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  • "I visited the office to have my periodontal work done. I visit every 3 months for this. Debbie does a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and also advises me regularly what I am doing right and what may need more attention. Dr. Mazzella always stops in to take a look at my teeth and just chat for a minute or two. I am very comfortable in this office as everyone, including staff, is very friendly but also very professional. Dr. Mazzella is the best dentist I have been to in a very long time - I have been going to his office for almost 6 years and it has been a wonderful experience. I always recommend him if anyone asks about my dentist."
    Anne B
  • "Dr. Mazella is friendly, professional, and thorough."
    Melissa T
  • "A Plus"
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  • "As always, very courteous, timely, and friendly. Excellent dental office all around."
    Timothy M
  • "I always find that both Dr Mazzella and his assistants take the time necessary to provide excellent service. I never feel rushed . There is time to discuss any concerns or questions I may have."
    Adrienne M
  • "Dr. Mazzella and his staff are the best!"
    Gayle G
  • "I came into the office early on a Monday morning without an appointment with a tooth emergency. I thought the best I could get not bein in their schedule was either wait a long time to get seen between other patients or an antibiotic prescription and a time to come back later in the week. Instead, I was seen within 10 minutes and was done in a little over an hour. Dr Mazzella is the best and his team is the greatest in compassion and friendliness."
    Paul G
  • "Excellent care!"
    Anita G
  • "Ms Angela was really nice and gentle with the dental procedure for the kids. Everything is good in this practice."
    Gurmann M
  • "Very satisfied with the appointments as always."
    Jasman M