Teeth Bonding Woodstock, MD

Do you have a chipped front tooth? Are multiple dental injuries impacting the comfort and look of your smile? In terms of cosmetic dentistry, dental bonding is considered a conservative treatment that can prevent or delay further decay or breakage. Bonding treatment uses tooth-colored material to cover tooth discoloration and damage. This effective, economical treatment is an alternative to veneers for patients with smaller dental injuries or single discolored teeth. Dr. Walter Mazzella and his team offer dental bonding treatment to patients in Woodstock, MD.

Tooth Bonding in Woodstock, Maryland

Comparing Dental Fillings and Bonding Treatment

Fillings and bonding treatment both use composite material. Dr. Mazzella does not place dental amalgams (silver fillings), but rather uses a newer, resin-based, tooth-colored composite material. This material has multiple advantages including less stress on the tooth, high cosmetic aesthetic, less chance for allergic response, and is fully functional as soon as the material is light-cured.

We typically refer to “fillings” as the composite material applied to tooth crevices and “bondings” as applied to worn or chipped edges or smooth surfaces. The composite material is the same for both cases and is discerningly matched to your current tooth shade and color.

Affordable Dental Bonding Treatment in Woodstock, MD

To begin bonding treatment, Dr. Mazzella prepares the tooth and applies adhesive to ensure the bonding material adheres to the tooth. He color-matches the bonding material to existing teeth. Then, he sculpts and molds the bonding material to the tooth. He ensures that the bonding material is the correct shape and appears natural. Finally, he polishes the material for a natural luster and hardens the bonding with a curing light. 

To care for bonded teeth, avoid staining foods and beverages, brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and do not eat overly hard or crunchy foods. Remember to continue to schedule regular dental visits so we can ensure that your bonded teeth continue to look and feel comfortable.

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