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Are your missing teeth making it hard to eat foods you enjoy? Do your lost permanent teeth make it difficult to speak clearly? Ask us about restorative dental treatment with dentures. Traditional removable dentures restore the appearance of teeth but require adhesives to stay in place. Even with adhesive, these restorations have dietary restrictions and can move around the mouth. Dr. Walter Mazzella is a restorative dentist specializing in treatments like dentures in Woodstock, MD. His experience in implant dentistry allows him to provide durable dentures that help patients eat, speak, and live with a brilliant new smile. 

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Comparing Partial and Full Dentures

We believe in keeping teeth healthy and present in the mouth as long as possible, but a full or partial denture can be an excellent alternative option for a mouth with missing teeth. Dr. Mazzella can recommend the right denture for you and your lifestyle needs, which can serve both cosmetic and functional chewing purposes. A full or complete denture restores full tooth arches. Partial dentures replace rows of teeth, including consecutive teeth in different areas of the mouth. Dental implants can secure either denture as an alternative to removable dentures. 

Implant Dentures in Woodstock, MD 

Getting fitted for a full denture can often require several appointments to certify the best fit, feel, and look for your mouth. Dr. Mazzella can discuss this process with you to be sure that it fits your needs and priorities. He may recommend implant-supported dentures for patines who have enough bone to support implant posts. Dr. Mazzella can also provide bone grafting to ensure patients are the best candidates for treatment. 

Then, Dr. Mazzella will take x-rays and scans to plan where to place the implants. He will also determine the number of implants required to secure your dentures. Once he places the implants, it will take weeks to months for the posts to fuse with the bone. After the implants completely heal, Dr. Mazzella will place the dentures. 

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