General Dentist Woodstock, MD

General dental care helps patients maintain healthy smiles. Preventative dentistry is a part of general dental care and stops further tooth and gum damage. Dr. Walter Mazzella helps his patients discover the right treatments for their oral health problems to maintain their smiles and prevent future oral health issues. From urgent dental care to dental extractions, these solutions keep patients happy and healthy. Dr. Mazzella and his team proudly offer patients general dentistry services in their Woodstock, MD, dental office. We also provide many dental services at our dental office in Woodstock.

General Dentistry in Woodstock, Maryland

Dental Fillings and Cavity Prevention

Root canals address tooth decay when it enters the inside of the tooth. When dental infections reach the dental pulp, it affects the tooth’s integrity. The dental pulp is the blood vessels, cells, and nerves that keep the tooth alive. Removing the pulp prevents the spread of decay and saves the tooth. We provide root canal treatment and dental fillings to seal cleaned teeth.

Our dental office also uses a caries detector, digital radiography, and an intraoral camera to find dental cavities and prepare them for filling treatment. We use white dental fillings made of composite material. This alternative to metal dental fillings blends in with the look of natural teeth and is less likely to affect tooth sensitivity. 

General Dentistry in Woodstock, MD

With our general dental treatments, we help patients prevent dental complications and common oral health problems:

Custom Mouthguard

Wearing a custom-made sports mouthguard protects teeth, braces, and other oral appliances from damage or loss. Unlike store-bought mouthguards, professionally-made mouthguards conform to teeth, so patients do not need to worry about clenching their mouthguards to keep them in place.

Emergency Dentistry

Our dental team provides emergency dental services for patients with knocked-out teeth, dental injuries, broken restorations, and toothaches. Addressing dental emergencies promptly can prevent decay, tooth and gum damage, and other common dental health issues.

Family Dentistry

As a family-friendly dental office, we provide dental care for patients of all ages. We offer cleanings for all patients and work with patients to tackle dental problems they can face over time.

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are modern dental tools that we use to treat the soft tissues of the mouth. We use hand-held dental lasers to treat patients with tongue-tie, lip-tie, and gum disease. Additionally, we can prepare patients for dental crown treatment using lasers.

Tooth Extraction

We often recommend dental extractions for patients with severely damaged or infected teeth due to tooth decay. Removing problem teeth also helps prevent the spread of decay to other teeth. We can also replace extracted teeth with dental implants, and durable restorations that look and feel natural. 

General Dental Q&A

Learn more about our general dental treatments with answers to these commonly asked questions:

Are dental lasers painful?

Laser dental treatments are virtually pain-free because they do not have intense vibrations unlike dental drills and minimize bleeding. We often recommend dental lasers over surgical treatment for patients with gum problems. 

Are sports mouthguards and TMJ mouthguards the same?

We offer sports mouthguards for patients to wear during contact sports and nightguards for patients who clench and grind their teeth. Sports mouthguards cannot be used for bruxism, just like nightguards cannot be used for sports. Nightguards are made of hard acrylic that protects the chewing surfaces of teeth. Sports mouthguards are made of flexible plastic and cover the front of the top teeth.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a sudden or severe problem that requires immediate professional dental care. Some common dental emergencies that you can have include a lost permanent tooth, injured tooth, or broken restoration.

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