TMJ Treatment Woodstock, MD

Do you find yourself clenching your teeth when stressed? Do you wake up with tooth pain? You may have a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). These bite disorders occur when there is stress or injury to the joints that connect the skull and jaw bone. Patients with TMD often experience teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism), jaw pain, toothaches, and chronic migraines.

Dr. Walter Mazzella dedicates himself to the study and treatment of occlusion, which is how your teeth bite and fit together. As a graduate of the Dawson Academy, he is trained in the concept of complete dentistry. This prioritizes understanding the function and structure of biting and chewing, both to maintain a balanced bite as well as correcting an unbalanced one.

Dr. Mazzella offers comprehensive TMJ treatment to patients in his Woodstock, MD office to help restore the smile. In addition to treating TMJ disorders, Dr. Mazzella provides many restorative dentistry services to the public in Woodstock, MD.

How to Treat TMJ Disorders in Woodstock, Maryland

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment in Woodstock, MD

Depending on the treatment needs, Dr. Mazzella may recommend taking advanced records of your mouth, which he can use to create a measured treatment plan. These records include a series of photographs, impressions, a questionnaire, and measurements, replicating your mouth and jaw in relation so he can make the best-informed recommendations and options for your case.

Bite Adjustment

Another measurement and treatment that can reduce jaw pain and tooth wear is an occlusal adjustment, where Dr. Mazzella will use a wand-like tool with an arched paper that reads how your teeth hit when they bite and grind together. He can then make recommendations for smoothing out high points in the bite, which is often a less invasive treatment than other kinds of restorations and can slow down or prevent breaks and wear.


Do you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep? This unconscious, repetitive stress could lead to significant wear, break teeth, and recede your gum line. We take measurements and impressions, and in a few weeks, our partnered laboratory will send us your appliance. It can take time to get used to an oral appliance, and we can offer some suggestions for a smooth adjustment period.

Address TMJ Pain Today

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