Emergency Dentist Woodstock, MD

We understand that dental problems can arise suddenly and be potentially uncomfortable and alarming. If you experience a dental emergency, please call us so we can schedule our earliest available time to address the problem in our Woodstock, MD, office. We greatly appreciate any and all details about your concern, and sharing these can help us best help you. Our team may ask questions about your dental history if you are experiencing pain, and whether you have tooth sensitivity. Emergency dentistry offers preventative dental care to preserve the smile and avoid further oral health problems. Additionally, we provide general dentistry services to the public in Woodstock, MD.

Dental Emergency in Woodstock, Maryland

Emergency Dentistry in Woodstock, MD

Common dental emergencies that we treat in our office include:

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

If you have just lost a permanent adult tooth, hold it by its crown and rinse it in water. You can try to place the tooth back in its socket and gently bite down. If you cannot reattach your tooth, bring it to our office in a small cup of saliva. Keeping the tooth moist can increase our chance of replacing the tooth. However, if we cannot replace the tooth, we will recommend a dental implant. Dental implants are 

Broken Tooth

Tooth chips, cracks, or fractures can often be sudden problems. If you find the broken piece of your tooth, place it in a cup of saliva and we may be able to reattach the piece. We can also provide dental bonding, veneers, or tooth crowns to treat your damaged tooth or injury. Bonding treatment adds structure to injured teeth with malleable material that we harden with a curing light. Veneers are porcelain shells that we can bond to the front of teeth. Dental crowns fully cover teeth and are beneficial for molars and other teeth that aid in biting and chewing. 


Tooth pain and toothaches are common oral health issues with a variety of causes. Sometimes, tooth decay, a tooth abscess, or objects stuck between teeth can be the cause of tooth pain. Our first suggestion, if you have an object stuck between your teeth, is to use floss to try to remove the trapped object. If you have swelling, apply a cold compress on the outside of your cheek. You may also take pain medication before your appointment. We will take your symptoms into account to find the best treatment for your tooth pain. 

Damaged Dental Restorations

Have you just broken a crown, filling, bridge, or denture? Call our office. Do not try to place the restoration back in your mouth. Call our office and we will create a new restoration for you. We can also provide a temporary restoration so you can eat and speak comfortably without damaging your teeth and gums. 

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