Dental Bridge Woodstock, MD

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Bridge the gap left by missing teeth with a dental bridge. A bridge is a dental restoration that can use natural teeth capped by dental crowns or dental implants to replace lost teeth. Restorative dentist Dr. Walter Mazzella provides dental bridge treatment in Woodstock, MD to help patients renew the appearance and function of their smiles.

Dental Bridge, Woodstock, MD

Fixed vs. Implant Bridges

Traditional dental bridges use support from crown-capped natural teeth. Preparing the natural teeth on either side of the tooth gap for crowns ensures that the dental bridge stays fixed. Traditional fixed bridges improve the appearance of the smile with dental crowns, zirconium restorations that look and function like natural teeth. However, bridges do not support the bone and gum tissue left in the missing tooth gaps.

Dental implants provide more durability and strength to dental bridges. Implant-secured bridges do not rely on remaining natural teeth for support. Instead, the dental implant posts fuse with the jawbone and create a stable foundation for the dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Woodstock, MD

To begin dental bridge treatment, we clean the smile. If patients want traditional dentures, we will shape the teeth on either side of the gap for their new crowns. We then take a putty or a digital “impression” made with a 3d intra-oral wand scanner. Then, we send the impression to lab technicians, who create the bridge. We will also make a custom temporary bridge for you to wear for a few weeks while the area heals. Finally, Dr. Mazzella will ensure that the bridge looks and feels natural before he attaches the final restoration.

Patients who want dental implants to secure their dental bridges will often have a longer treatment time. Dr. Mazzella will surgically place the implant posts. Then, patients will require four to six months to heal as the implant posts fuse with the jaw bone. However, once patients receive their final dental bridges, they will benefit from longer-lasting restorations and improved bite function.

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