Custom Mouthguard Woodstock, MD

If you or your child play contact sports, you must wear a mouthguard. Custom mouthguards are one of the general dentistry services Dr. Walter Mazzella provides to the public in Woodstock, Maryland. Contact sports, or any sport with contact between players, like lacrosse, hockey, or football, require mouthguards. Wearing a sports mouthguard can cover and protect natural teeth, braces, and oral appliances. Dr. Mazzella can create custom sports mouthguards in Woodstock, MD, for patients who want to preserve their smiles and prevent dental problems like injuries or tooth loss. 

Custom Mouthguard Woodstock, MD

The Different Types of Sports Mouthguards

There are three top kinds of sports mouthguards:

  • Stock: These mouthguards are pre-formed and ready to wear. However, they can feel bulky because they do not offer a custom fit. These mouthguards offer little to no protection for the wearer.
  • Boil and bite: These mouthguards are better fit and can be bought at sporting goods stores. Wearers need to soften the mouthguards in hot water and place them on the mouth to form the mouthguard. However, if wearers do not exactly follow directions, their mouthguards can fit poorly.
  • Custom-fit: Customized mouthguards are made by a professional dentist. These mouthguards offer a better fit than anything you can buy online or in-store.

Professionally-made mouthguards are one of the best options for sports players. A custom fit ensures that patients do not need to clench their teeth to keep their mouthguards in place. These mouthguards also make it easier for patients to drink and talk.

Receiving a Sports Mouthguard in Woodstock, MD

Dr. Walter Mazzella takes dental impressions to create custom-made sports mouthguards. He sends these impressions to a lab that creates mouthguards out of flexible plastic. The sports mouthguard will cover the top row of teeth. To clean your sports mouthguard, you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste or cool to warm water and soap. Do not use hot water as this can warp your mouthguard. Remember to keep your mouthguard in its ventilated case. 

Protect Your Smile

Does your child need a new mouthguard? Contact our office at (410) 559-9951 or request a dental consultation with Dr. Mazzella online. Let us know if you have any questions about receiving a sports mouthguard and we will be happy to help you.