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Welcome to the dental practice of Dr. Walter Mazzella, a highly educated and experienced local dentist. Located in Woodstock and extending its services to neighboring communities, our dedicated team is deeply committed to ensuring optimal oral health for everyone. As a caring dentist serving the Atholton, MD, Dr. Mazzella can provide you with all your dental care needs.

Understanding the Dental Needs of Our Patients

In an effort to better serve you, we are aware that each patient has distinctive dental needs based on various factors like lifestyle and diet. Recognizing these specifics allows us to provide custom dental solutions for every patient.

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Dental Services Offered by Dr.Walter Mazzella

Dr. Mazzella’s mission is always to deliver patient-focused and quality-driven dental care. Our dental services include preventive care, cosmetic dental solutions, and restorative treatments.

Routine Dental Exams

At your bi-annual dental appointment, you will receive a dental exam that involves several key steps to ensure your dental health:

  1. Dr. Mazzella will review your medical history and address any concerns.
  2. A thorough oral exam of your teeth, gums, and mouth will allow him to determine whether you exhibit signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other issues.
  3. We may take X-rays to see if problems not visible during the visual exam exist.
  4. One of our dental hygienists then cleans your teeth, removes plaque and tartar, and polishes them.
  5. The dentist discusses oral hygiene practices, recommends necessary treatments, and schedules the next visit.

Dental Fillings

A tooth filling is a simple and quick dental treatment for cavities. It is a common and necessary procedure to prevent decay from spreading, leading to serious tooth damage.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Dr. Mazzella can help you achieve your dream smile with various cosmetic treatments. Whether you want to straighten your smile or whiten your teeth, we can compose a treatment plan to accomplish these smile goals. To learn more about the benefits of our cosmetic treatments, see Cosmetic Dentistry.

Restorative Dental Care

Patients need advanced dental care for many reasons. Complex dental problems stem from tooth decay, injury to the face, and tooth loss. Dr. Mazzella is an expert in treating patients suffering from complex oral health issues. To learn more about the restorative treatments we offer, see Restorative Dentistry.

TMJ Treatment Options

TMJ is a painful disorder that can lead to diminished quality of life. Dr. Mazzella offers several treatments to help alleviate symptoms and improve jaw function. Common TMJ treatments include bite adjustments for patients suffering from bite problems or crooked teeth. We also offer custom TMJ mouthguards, known as nightguards, for patients who grind their teeth in their sleep. To learn more about how we can treat your TMJ disorder, see TMJ Treatment.

Laser Dentistry Treatment

Laser dentistry is a vital part of our dental practice, proving to be highly effective in addressing gingivitis and gum disease. Dr. Mazzella can remove diseased tissue from the mouth to prevent the spread of infection. Using a dental laser allows us to remove infected and diseased soft tissue without using a scalpel.

Patients who suffer from dental anxiety often find laser dentistry appealing. This method is less invasive, almost painless, and does not require sutures. The laser’s properties also encourage healing and enhance the body’s natural capacity to regenerate healthy tissues. To learn more about the benefits of Laser Dentistry.

Dr. Mazzella’s Unique Approach to Dental Care

We understand that many people fear visiting a dentist, so we go the extra mile to make sure that our patients have a comfortable experience at our clinic, which uses the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. 

Are you searching for a new local dentist in Atholton, MD?

When researching new dental offices, you should choose one that offers a full menu of dental services, has experience treating patients of all ages, and is equipped with advanced dental tools. Dr. Mazzella provides all of this and more.

Dr. Mazzella is accepting new patients from Atholton, Maryland. As a family dentist, he treats patients of all ages, including children. To schedule your appointment, call (410) 559-9951 or request an appointment online.