Dental Technology Woodstock, MD

Advancements in dentistry have allowed dentists to target and treat dental problems and provide accurate treatment. Modern dental technology streamlines care with minimally invasive techniques. With our office’s technology, we can easily diagnose patients by pinpointing areas of dysfunction. We welcome our patients to learn more about each type of dental technology in our Woodstock, MD, dental office.

Dental Technology in Woodstock, Maryland

Modern Dental Technology in Woodstock, MD

Our office aims to use the highest quality dental technology to bring patients high-quality care:


The iTero scanner takes dental x-rays from many angles to create a complete image of your smile. Our team passes this handheld intraoral scanner over the teeth and gums. The scanner is connected to a computer that digitally displays a three-dimensional image of the smile.

After we fully scan the smile, we can show our patients areas of wear, damage, and malocclusion (misalignment). Using a 3-D mockup, we explain the problem areas of the smile and treatment options for patients. In addition to this mockup, we take x-rays and photographs to diagnose patients. 

CT Scans

Our computerized tomography (CT) scanner offers more detailed images than traditional x-rays. This modern technology shows the bone, gum tissue, and nerves. 

The CT scanner is a large machine that surrounds patients to take highly accurate x-ray images. When performing CT scans, we will place a lead apron to cover your torso. You will place your chin on a rest and your head in the middle of the machine. Then, the machine rotates around you, taking x-ray images. This process takes 30 seconds to a minute.

Dental Lasers

A dental laser is a handheld device that emits light and heat to treat soft gum tissue. With a dental laser, we can treat patients with tongue-tie and lip-tie. We can also prepare patients for dental crown treatment by removing gum tissue. Dental lasers have many benefits, including faster healing times, minimal bleeding, and less pain than traditional surgery. 

Caries Detector

A caries detector is a handheld wand that we use that emits light. This light is similar to laser light but illuminates caries or cavities instead of cutting tissue. Cavities are holes in the tooth enamel caused by harmful bacteria. When a tooth is infected, harmful bacteria break down the enamel to create cavities. Decay can enter through cavities and compromise the health of natural teeth.

The caries detector uses a red LED light that emits a wavelength. Caries absorb and bounce back this wavelength at a higher level. With this detector, we can see areas affected by decay without using messy dyes. 

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