Dental Implants Columbia, MD

Traditional dentures and dental bridges can replace missing teeth, but dental implants are the best for your overall health. Plus, a dental prosthesis that is secured or supported in your mouth with dental implants will function more like natural teeth. Dr. Walter Mazzella offers complete dental implant services for patients who are missing one, several, or all of their teeth. He has extensive experience with teeth implants and is proud to offer them to patients in Columbia, MD. If you qualify for teeth implants, you can expect complete and advanced treatment from our Dr. Mazzella.

Dental Implants Columbia, MD

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. Once the dentist places it, the implant embeds itself within the bone providing a strong foundation for a dental restoration. Generally speaking, they replace the root system of the missing teeth. However, patients do not need one implant per missing tooth. Depending on how many teeth are lost, they will need between one and eight implant posts per arch.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Opting for dental implants to replace missing teeth is one of the best decisions you can make for your oral health and overall well-being. They offer significantly better benefits than other tooth replacement options. While they cost significantly more, you will be investing in a solution that can last a lifetime and offer you a better quality of life. Their natural appearance and functionality ensure you can smile, eat, and engage in social activities without worry.

The top reasons to replace missing teeth with dental implants are:

Jawbone Preservation

Your jawbone will naturally begin to deteriorate with tooth loss. Teeth implants are the only tooth replacement option that will optimally stimulate bone growth, preventing bone loss in the jaw. This will help maintain your facial structure. Bone loss in the jaw often creates deep wrinkles on the face, the appearance of a larger chin, and a mouth that appears sunken in.

Functionality and Durability

Implant fixtures provide a stable and strong foundation for false teeth, restoring nearly the same chewing power and comfort as natural teeth. You will not have to worry about your denture slipping or shifting, slurred speech, or limiting your diet based on what you can chew. Also, they are designed to last a lifetime, making them a long-term solution. With proper care, your dental implant restoration can be the more cost-effective choice in the long run.

The 2 Types of Dental Implants: Endosteal and Subperiosteal

Endosteal and subperiosteal implants are the two primary types of dental implants used to replace missing teeth:

  • Subperiosteal implants use a metal frame that goes underneath the gum tissue and fits over the jawbone. It has posts that attach to the frame protruding through the gums to hold the replacement teeth. This is a less common type of implant dentists use when patients do not have enough healthy jawbones to support endosteal implants and prefer not to undergo a bone augmentation procedure to rebuild the bone.
  • Endosteal implants are the most common type of dental implants. This type involves having your dentist place titanium posts directly into the jawbone during oral surgery. Over 3-6 months, the surrounding bone will fuse to the implant posts. Once the surrounding bone has healed and fused to the implant, a process known as osseointegration, then the dentist will attach a dental restoration to the posts.

The Process for Dental Implant in Columbia, MD

The dental implant process involves several stages and requires multiple visits, spanning several months. After a consultation with Dr. Mazzella, he will create a treatment plan that will include what you need at each stage and a basic time. The steps in a dental implant treatment plan include:

  • Consultation and Evaluation: Dr. Mazzella will evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment options, and take CT scans and X-rays to plan the implant placement.
  • Preparatory Procedures: You may need treatment before you can move forward with the implant placement. This may include tooth extraction, bone grafting to enhance jawbone density or treatment of any existing oral health issues.
  • Implant Placement: Dr. Mazzella will surgically place the titanium implants into your jawbone under local anesthesia. It will take several months for the implant fixtures to fuse with bone. This healing period is called osseointegration.
  • Abutment Placement: Once osseointegration is complete, Dr. Mazzella will perform a second minor surgery to attach the abutment to the implant, which will support the dental crown. This is followed by a short healing period.
  • Attachment of the Permanent Dental Restoration: After the gums have healed around the abutment, we will take impressions of your mouth to create a custom dental restoration. Once it is ready, we will attach it completing your dental implant restoration.

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